What You Should Know

While THC gets the attention, there are over 70 cannabinoids in Cannabis. The other cannabinoids – and terpenes – are believed to have therapeutic effects and must be considered by patients.

Among other effects, cannabinoids suppress pain and nausea while stimulating appetite, euphoria or calm. They are also thought to interact, with CBC enhancing the effects of THC, and CBD enhancing both THC and CBC.

Did you know that there is no THC in Cannabis?

Raw Cannabis contains the acidic compound THCA, not the neutral compound THC. THCA is converted into THC by the heat of combustion, vaporization or cooking in a process called decarboxylation. This rule applies to all cannabinoids: naturally occurring acidic CBDA converting to CBD, CBGA to CBG, etc.

The acidic versions have traditionally been considered biologically inactive. However, depending on the method of preparation and administration, not all of the acidic cannabinoids are converted during decarboxylation (particularly in edibles). Research suggests that these residual compounds may have medicinal effects. In edibles, they are psychotropic.

The presence of all the major cannabinoids should be taken into account by patients when evaluating a strain of medical Cannabis.

Cannabinoid Benefits

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