medical cannabis
you can trust

Curaleaf offers a range of safe, reliable cannabis products made using the industry's cleanest, most precise extraction and purification methods.

The Curaleaf Difference

Curaleaf Connecticut began shipping medicine produced from cannabis in October 2014. We offer a broad range of flower, extracted oil, and edible products. Our medicines are manufactured to meet the highest product quality and regulatory compliance standards.

We collaborate with other Curaleaf cultivation, processing, and dispensing facilities across the United States to provide patients with innovative new products, continuous improvement in manufacturing and packaging, and premium medical products. Our core mission is to deliver an exceptional patient experience every time.

We strive to elevate one of the world’s oldest and most effective forms of medicine from social stigma to mainstream acceptance by:

Improving patient access to medical cannabis

Cultivating cannabis products using the highest standards of production

Advancing research and conducting clinical trials

Educating patients about the conditions cannabis can alleviate